Mask Machine

ZZ Group specializes in manufacturing broad range of face mask machines to produce different types of face masks that help prevent the spread of disease, such as surgical mask making machine, folded face mask making machine, as well as complete automatic medical masks production line. Please browse our face mask machine pages or reach out to us for detailed information and pricing.

Founded in 2005 as a nonwoven disposable products equipment company, ZZ Group focuses on research & development, designing and manufacturing automatic machinery for producing nonwoven disposables. Our scope includes medical face mask machine, surgical disposable gown making machine and other medical products making machines. What we share with our worldwide customers is over 20-year experience on surgical face mask making machinery, which guides our customers to provide their potential customer the value-added and excellent products. If you are looking for a reliable face mask machine manufacturer, ZZ Group mask making machines boast smooth performance, and ensuring outstanding results in medical application.